Guest Bios

Scarefest Canada's Haunted Attraction Convention will have two of Hollywood's Premiere Special Make-up Effects Artist's with us on Saturday July 27th, 2013.

Neil Morrill

Neil Morrill has worked on the following movies: 300, Saw 2, 3 & 4, Splice, Soloman Kane, Resident Evil: Afterlife and Retribution, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Tomb Raider 2, Cradle of Life, The Decent, Silent Hill, Shoot ‘Em Up, Land of the Dead and Skinwalkers.

Stuart Conran

Stuart Conran has worked on the following films: Hellraiser, Nichols Hynter’s - The Madness Of King George, Peter Jackson’s - Braindead / Dead Alive, Steven Spielberg’s - Saving Private Ryan, the Hughes brothers’ - From Hell, Stephen Daldrey’s - The Hours (Bafta nominated- best make-up), Edgar Wright’s - Shaun Of The Dead, Oliver Stone’s - Alexander, Neil Marshall’s - The Descent & - Doomsday, Grindhouse- Don’t trailer, Enduring Love, Eden Lake, Ironclad, Mutant Chronicles, Attack The Block & The Woman In Black.

Both Neil & Stu will be giving a seminar teaching everyone their techniques on live models.

Chris Baker

Chris Baker is a veteran home haunter and the G/host of Hauntcast is a radio-style podcast for Haunters and Halloween fanatics. Chris and the Hauntcast Scream Team take you on a two-hour flaming death-skull roller coaster ride of haunting, Halloween and horror mayhem.

Hauntcast features haunt community news, horror news and reviews, home-made prop spotlights, haunt product reviews, haunt theory & tactics, interviews with the nation’s premier haunters, plus up-and-coming Halloween and horror bands.

Hector Turner

Hector Turner, a professional Graphic Designer, has been into Halloween his whole life but officially became a home haunter in 2004. What began with a few store-bought decorations has now progressed to a cemetery with a full sized mausoleum and all manner of scary creatures. Hector hand-makes many of his decorations and strives to create a fully immersive spooky atmosphere. He has become well known in the haunter community especially for his tombstones. The combination of skilled carving, realistic painting and attention to detail really make them stand out from the rest. However he maintains his techniques are easy to learn and anyone can get the same results that he does.

A Haunted Halloween at Blackstone Cemetery

Aaron & Melanie Knox

Aaron & Melanie Knox have always been fascinated with character makeup for film and television, and it was the magic of creating characters that led them to pursue the art of airbrushing. Airbrushing has allowed both of them the creative freedom to build on what they love about the industry and put their spin on things, and create something out of nothing, which is what it is all about: allowing creativity to take over and to be able to enjoy the art form. They have been showcased along side Graftobian makeup at conventions such as, Imats Toronto, Allied Beauty show, Scarefest, Fanexpo, and the social art movement Toronto. Their work has been featured on Space Channel's "Inner Space", the art of airbrushing, their work has also been published in Makeup artist magazine, and they are two of only twelve makeup artists who scare you each year at Canada's Wonderland Halloween Haunt Aaron and his wife Melanie a.k.a Liquid Imprints, specialize in face and body painting, and character design.